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What is Broadband?
Broadband allows both voice and data to transmit along one line.

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With so many broadband providers in the market it can be tempting just to sign up to the first broadband package you see advertised don't. Let UK ISP Review show you which Broadband will be right for you.

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What is Broadband?

How Can I Find Cheap Broadband?

Orange Broadband offers 2meg broadband service for £14.99

Broadband Providers

Broadband Comparison

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Broadband Broadband

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BT Broadband

Top Five UK Broadband Providers for 3rd Quarter 2006

UK Broadband is at is highest in Swindon

The Future Of Wireless UK Broadband

Sky has teamed up with Google for it's new broadband service

Dial Up Can Not Compare To UK Broadband Internet

New rules are making it easier for UK broadband switching.

An Introduction to AOL Wireless UK Broadband

Types Of UK Broadband Access



Whatever You Want From Your Broadband Connection, You’ll Want The Best Price. However, With So Much Choice Available, You Can Find Yourself Confused About Which Deal To Choose. He At UK ISP Review We'll Help You Find The Latest Broadband Offers And The Cheapest Broadband Deals Online In The UK. Our Broadband Deals Are Updated Regularly So Please Keep Checking Back.

Having the best available broadband is absolutely vital to most businesses today, but businesses but also not forget about the more basic things, such as the telephone. Although a lot of business between businesses is now carried on online through emails and other means, a lot of the general public still prefer to talk to a human being using the phone. DBS Telecoms offer a range of different phone numbers - including non-geographic numbers such as 0800, 0845 and 0844, and virtual local numbers for across the UK, making a business look local to a specific area even if the phone number is actually pointing to a mobile phone or a call centre in Croydon. A phone number can say a lot about your business - for example, 08 numbers say that you are a large national company, and 0800 numbers say you care about your callers by giving them a freephone number.  


1 BT Broadband Internet Service Provider
BT Broadband has been "Voted Best ISP" for two years running by the readers of Personal Computer Magazine. BT have won many awards from industry authorities and their product is pretty much the standard by which all other Broadband's are measured. Competitive offers, reliable, fast, easy to i nstall modem,  many options and dependable customer service if needed. I know it gripes some people to give more custom to BT, but we feel they are the best bet in the UK.

Option1: £9.95 per month for the first 6 months then £17.99 per month  up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 2GB monthly usage guideline.
Get an additional £5 off when you order online.

Option2: £14.99 per month for the first 3 months then £22.99 per month up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 6GB monthly usage guideline.
Get an additional £10 off when you order online.

Option3: £22.99 per month for the first 3 months then £26.99 per month up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 40GB monthly usage guideline.
Get an additional £20 off when you order online.

Packages come with the following: Free Security, Free evening and weekend calls with BB Talk, Free 250 WiFi minutes every month, Free connection, Free BT wireless home hub.

Ordering online: Is extremely easy and takes no time at all. BT Broadband is very reliable and easy to install, but if you ever need any support, just call there free customer and technical helpline, where there friendly staff are always happy to help.....
Click here for full BT Broadband information including current prices and special offers

2 PIPEX Broadband Internet Service Provider
You can now get PIPEX Broadband 8 Meg connection for only £6.50 with Free Homecall Packages. As one of the UK's first Internet service providers, and a good solid company with a good product, also Britain's 3rd largest ISP.  Pipex have been helping customers access the Internet since 1991. Pipex firmly at the forefront of the communications industry. Pipex have just been awarded "The Best Broadband Quality Services for 2006" Survey conducted by YouGov for

Option1: Pipex Mini 8Mb (160 x speed) 2GB monthly usage limit Only £6.50 if purchased with Pipex  Anytime unlimited calls package for £12.50

Option2: Pipex Midi 8Mb (160 x speed) 15GB monthly usage limit Only £9.99 if purchased with Pipex  Anytime unlimited calls package for £12.50

Option3: Pipex Max 8Mb (160 x speed) unlimited monthly usage Only £14.99 if purchased with Pipex  Anytime unlimited calls package for £12.50

Packages come with the following: Free modem and connection available on all Pipex Broadband products - Free anti-virus and firewall software

Ordering is a piece of cake and can be done with in 2 minutes online.....Click here for full PIPEX information including current prices and special offers.


3 AOL Broadband Internet Service Provider
AOL Broadband offers excellent parental controls and firewalls so you are safe in the knowledge that you children are only seeing what you want them to see. You also get  lots of extras from AOL (with all packages) that are not offered by any other provider such as unlimited usage, video messaging, sports content and photo storage. All of this adds up to a great value family broadband package.

Option1: Silver £14.99 per month - unlimited 1Mb (20 x speed)

Option2: Gold £24.99 per month - unlimited 2Mb (40 x speed)

Option3: Platinum £29.99 per month - unlimited 8Mb (160 x speed)

Order AOL Broadband online and get 1 month FREE and FREE wireless router

All packages include: Unlimited usage, no download limits or restrictions Free wireless router worth £55 for online orders Email with 7 email addresses. Instant messaging, exclusive content McAfee ® firewall protection, anti-virus scanning on emails, spam filters, pop-up blockers and Parental Controls to keep everything running smoothly

Easy online application and a generally top class experience all round. One of the best "entry-level" deals around bar none for pure Internet Connection. Click here for full AOL information including current prices and special offers.

4 Orange Broadband Internet Service Provider
Voted Best National Consumer ISP 2014 by the Internet Service Providers Association, Orange has over 2.6 million customers in the UK and 9 million across Europe (more than any other broadband provider)

Their broadband service uses the latest L2TP technology which makes their service one of the most reliable available

Option1: £14.99 per month - Broadband Starter 2Mb (40 x speed) 2GB monthly usage guideline

Option2: £19.99 per month - Broadband Unlimited 8Mb (160 x speed) unlimited usage, no restrictions

Try it risk free for the first 30 days. If it’s not for you, call Orange and get your money back

Free Livebox wireless modem - surf where you want and connect up to six computers. Calls to national and international landlines at any time included in the price. Free McAfee Privacy with Parental Controls. Free Orange Webmail - access your emails anywhere, built in spam & virus protection

If you order Orange Broadband online now using the links below you'll qualify for a FREE Orange Broadband line connection & a FREE Orange Broadband modem pack - Saving you at least £85*. Order now. Click here for full Orange information including current prices and special offers....Click here for full Orange information including current prices and special offers.


5 Eclipse Broadband Internet Service Provider
Throughout the company’s history, they have constantly won numerous awards, including the ISPA’s Best Business Broadband Provider award in 2003 and the Best Business Broadband Award in 2014.

Enjoy surfing at superfast speeds with Eclipse Broadband, who now can offer you 8Meg Broadband. Eclipse Broadband prices start from £9.99 per month.

Option1: £9.99 - Option 1 per month for first 3 months then £14.99 per month - up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 2GB monthly usage allowance.

Option2: £12.99 - Option 2 per month for first 3 months then £18.99 per month - up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 10GB monthly usage allowance.

Option3: £17.99 - Option 3 per month for first 3 months then £24.99 per month - up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 20GB monthly usage allowance.

Option4: £21.99 - Option 4 per month for first 3 months then £29.99 per month - up to 8Mb (160 x speed) 40GB monthly usage allowance.

Free modem and connection available on all Eclipse Broadband products. Free wireless router available on Option 4.

With Eclispe's specialist knowledge, range of services, and helpful, timely and honest advice, there customers always feel confident about choosing and Eclipse. Eclipse is one of the most innovative, reliable, customer-focused broadband providers around. Ordering is a piece of cake and can be done 100% online,  Click here for full Eclispe information including current prices and special offers

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

How many broadband ISPs are there?

There are literally dozens of broadband ISPs in the UK, ranging from regional broadband ISPs to nationwide ISPs such as BT, PIPEX, AOL and Orange. Broadband is not simply limited solely to internet providers, however, with cable television companies and even supermarkets offering their own broadband ISP service the choice is almost endless.

ADSL Broadband Availability In The UK.

Today ADSL broadband services now reach 99% of all UK homes and businesses. BT has been carrying out work to remove limits relating to the distance of lines from the exchange and more than 99.8% of lines connected to a broadband exchange should now be able to get an ADSL broadband service. A small number of exchanges which generally serve a small number of customers have not been upgraded and still cannot access ADSL broadband.

What Do I Need To Get Online?
BT Telephone Line. Also, it has to be within 3.5 to 5.5 kilometres of an ADSL enabled exchange. Your line must pass a number of tests before installation can go ahead. Kingston Communications customers may also be able to receive ADSL without the need for a BT telephone line.

Once online, you can connect a number of devices to your broadband, which is also known as Wi-Fi. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers will all effectively use broadband rather than things such as 4G.

The most popular devices amongst these are the brand new iPhone's, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Shop here for personalised phone cases.

I'm Not A BT Customer - Can I Have Adsl?
If the telephone line to your property is actually installed and run by BT then you should be able to have ADSL (subject to survey). There are providers now where do not pay BT directly, so it is not always obvious, whether the line is a BT line.

LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) which is a rapidly growing area will mean that ISP's can offer you the service and will allow BT to be bypassed, this is still relatively new and is being used to get very high speed broadband services of up to 24Mbps out to people, way before BT is able to. You may be able to get broadband through a cable modem however which uses the local cable providers network rather than the BT telephone network. This offers similar speeds and services.

In addition to the fixed line services, like ADSL and cable, there is a growing number of wireless providers, which can either be fixed to a specific address due to the antenna, or used fully mobile.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ADSL?
A non-exhaustive list is as follows:

High speed "always on" connection
Fixed monthly cost
Great value for money
Competitive modem & router prices

Not available to everybody (approx. 81% household coverage - October 2003)
Contended service could result in variable speeds depending upon time of day
Possible teething troubles for new or inexperienced customers.